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Lethis – Daring Discoverers is an exploration game. You are playing one of five adventurers looking for extraterrestrial artefacts .
To obtain your goal, you'll have to make many different choices, just like a choose-your-adventure-style book ! The tiniest mistake may cost your life...
Luckily, the scientists of Lethis invented cloning – a very efficient technique...


Monique is Bertrand's grandmother.
During his last visit, five clones of her grandson were just too much for her, so she lost patience.
She went on to complain at the Academy of Spacial Sciences, yet never came back.
Since then, clones of the old lady have been sent to other planets – a sort of wrinkly ambassador … with a big fat rifle.


Gilbert is a professional mechanic, tinkering and maintaining space capsules since the first trials.
Due to his mechanical abilities, he was selected to retrieve extraterrestrial artefacts. But mostly, one has to say, because he's basically built like a bull.
He's probably the only man on earth to be able to use a tree-sized wrench.
Mostly, a walking stud-bolt. Get it ?


Rumors say that Bertrant was the janitor of the Academy.
As he cleaned some windows in the cloning facility, it is said that he'd tripped on a wiping cloth.
The result : Next morning 23 copies of him struggeled to pass the buck to the other 22.
The funniest thing though : Each copy is just as clumsy as the original.


Rose was the most feared air pirate of Lethis. She flew her own zeppelin, raiding multiple villages.
Even though she enjoyed her time with her fellow pirates, she was arrested by the Lethian' Steam-Brigade and was found guilty of piracy.
She was sentenced to death, yet eventually was presented an alternative thanks to a reconsideration of the Empire...
… If she accepted to be cloned and sent to space.
This basically is a death sentence anyway, but after all: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Rutherford is an excellent scientist. He's also excellently clumsy.
There hasn't been one day that he did not toss some of his colleagues' formulas, or accidently set his lab on fire.
Tired of his clumsiness, his colleagues urged him to join the group of explorers, reassuring him that his great ability may be of great use on different planets...
… and that in space, you can't really hear any bang from his constantly exploding test-tubes...